【SALE】TiTi カットストロベリーリボンバレッタ

No. TO0067


定価 2,400円(税込2,640円)


SIZE:モチーフ 約10cm × 7cm


Made in JAPAN



店頭でも販売しておりますので、Web Shop上の在庫の反映が遅くなり、在庫有りとなっていても、実際は完売している場合があります。 品切れの際はお許しください。

■ Material
Sweets portion: resin clay, resin etc
Coating: matte finish → varnish, gloss finish → resin
Hardware (earrings, piercing common part): Brass plated

■ Attention
・ I try to take pictures close to the real thing, but depending on the settings of your PC and mobile phone, colors may look different.
-The metal fittings are basically brass plated ones. If you have metal allergy please be careful.
・ The sweets part uses resin clay and is coated with resin or varnish. Please note that if it gets wet, it may melt or fade.
・ As it is made delicate with an emphasis on design, there is a risk of damage if it is strongly hooked, dropped or hit. Please handle it gently.